About Us

Annameka Andrade Hatha Yoga Teacher & Workshop Facilitator, guides in transformational thinking and self appreciation.

‘This retreat will create a foundation for self-enquiry so individuals can begin their own self-appreciation journey and achieve those profound silent personal victories as they discover, again and again, the art of falling in love with you”.

“We are dedicated to creating a rejuvenating and renewing environment for all our guests,  whether you are about to close the biggest deal of your career or just about to say I do, for the first or fifth time, this is a place to refocus and renew. A safe space for ladies going through  life’s transitions which requires a deeper level of self care. Or those who just love to love from the inside “

Kirsty Jayne Yoga

Teaches you Hatha Yoga which is based on ancient Indian philosophy. Uses Yin Yoga & Mindfulness Meditation which has its roots in Daoism (Ancient Chinese belief system).

“I have been teaching for around 10 years. Yoga is definitely a transformational practice that can empower us on so many different levels.
As women, we often tend to forget about ourselves and spend our time and energy giving to others. Taking time out for ourselves is important for our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Spending time on our yoga mat, breathing, moving our body, cultivating some stillness, bringing our focus inwards and taking time away from external demands and chaos, is amazing self-care”.

Elia Janicot
Self-Care Sessions; Ayurveda Inspired Holistic Massages

“My massages are unique, inspired by ayurveda and designed specifically for you, in a setting of natural serenity. During each session, I  take the time to get to know you over a cup of tea, in order to define your needs together. My goal is for you to experience total relaxation and care through the personalised massage. This holistic approach aims to take care of your body and mind, in harmony with the surrounding nature. Offering you complete rejuvenation, realignment that revitalise your energy. Don’t hesitate to book a massage session with me throughout the retreat and treat yourself to this precious “me” time. You deserve to feel relaxed, balanced, and full of vitality. I will guide you towards a state of well-being and grounding in the present moment”.